We focus on five main Pillars: Mental Health Prevention, Therapies, Rehabilitation, Rights and Financing Advocacy and Research. Our program coordinate & facilitate community education on brain health, effects of drugs on the brain, myths & misconception on mental illness, need for early treatment of mental illness, & how day-to-day factors affect learning & memory. This raises awareness about the brain & enables citizen & stakeholders to consider neuroscience & brain research& engage government on mental health rights. We do dialogues & discussions about mental health & rights for exchange of ideas about the brain & the interactions between cultures, society, & neuroscience to inform policy development, this done through local health facilities, community units, local informal community groups, women’s groups, youth groups, medical colleges, opinion leaders, stakeholders, medical centers, & churches in western Kenya. We also Dialogue to empower traditional & faith healers to deliver evidence-based psycho-social interventions to reduce treatment gap in Kenya.

Our mental health integrated program:
 Equip & empower people with mental disorders with the needed vocational/technical workable & employable skills as well as soft & social skills,
 Create a technological environment for innovations & skill development,
 Help reduce stigmatization & discrimination of persons living with mental illness including epilepsy & drug addicts & their families through Brain Awareness programs,
 We put mental health rehabilitative measures & programs in place that help bridge the gap between treatment & reintegration into communities,
 Promote mental health through community based cultural sensitive approaches which also create awareness about the need of tailored community based mental health prevention, therapies, & rehabilitation among (political & traditional) leaders & decision makers (based on research) & stimulate community development & empowerment.

About Us

Tinada Youth Organization (TIYO) is a Youth and Child focused Non profit Community Based Organization registered in 2001 in Kenya.


Our VISION : A Healthy and Empowered Community living in a peaceful environment

Our Mission: TINADA exist to promote integrated Health , Education empowerment, human rights, disaster risk reduction, and economic empowerment among the youth and families leaving within the Lake Victoria Region through Capacity Building, support services, Mentorship, Demonstrated good practices and strategic networking.

Our Strategic Program Focus:

-Promote children and youth productive education and career development towards increase youth employment.

-Promote effective sexual reproductive health practices among the in and out of school youth.

-Promoted Mental Health prevention, therapies, rehabilitation and Research.

-Strengthen wise management of economic, environmental & human resources within Lake Victoria Region.

– Promote Disaster Risk Reduction within community and schools.

– Promote human rights, equity and justice.

– Promote Enterprise among Youth and the vulnerable population Exhibiting best Entrepreneurial and agriculture Practice.

Mandate Operation
To engage in Pro – Child and Youth initiatives that promote increased Participation in health, Disaster Risk Reduction and development processes.



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